Asus Router Login By Using

Configuring your Asus router login and setup is quite way too important when you own an Asus wifi router. That is really obvious, and this is the only purpose of this write-up. Here we are presenting you the login process for the Asus router using and also with the Asus router app. In addition, we will be presenting you a number of FAQs on the page.

Before everything, we will be starting with the base and best features of the Asus router setup. As we all know, before login, you must be aware of setup and configuration. That is equally important as the Asus router login process. So, with no wait let’s get going.

Base Features of Asus Router Setup

The core reason of Asus router setup’s features is that you must have completely aware of what you are bringing in to your home or domestic network. How the user can utilize their network to its best and how they can keep it secured. Plus it helps you to decide if you are still looking for those perfect networking devices for your home or office. Let’s begin then.

Sense of Security

One feels a sense of security with the installation of the Asus router setup because of AiProtection Pro. For those who do not know, AiProtection Pro is here equipped in all Asus routers and keeps the network and device private and secured. If you want an extra set of protection – do raise a firewall. We do recommend this for all the routers.  

Latest Tech

Talking about the latest tech, Asus is known for that. This makes no difference whether its laptops or the networking devices offered by Asus. Being precise to networking techs – what we really mean is ODFMA Technology, beamforming tech, cross-band tech, and the fact is all the updated models from Asus are based on the sixth generation of wifi. So, yes you get every aid in Asus routers for fast speed of data transmission.

Compatible and Complete Range

The Asus routers are not just compatible with all OS systems and networking devices but the Asus routers are here being compatible with all the mesh wifi systems. This is significant because people are setting mesh networking systems at the domestic level.

On the words related to complete range, we mean that Asus is presenting a complete range from mid-sized households to gamer’s level devices. Hence, Asus has everything you’d need in your networking devices.

Easy Configuration

When we say easy configuration, we really mean that and that is why we are mentioning all of them here from setup to proper login. There are a total of two ways of Asus router login, by means of the web browser and by means of the Asus router app. everything is here for your ease. So, let’s get started with them.  

Things to do before login

There are a couple of things one should take care of before beginning with the login process. This means the setup and placement process. So, let’s begin with them in an orderly manner.

Begin with power cycling your home modem or router. If it has batteries in it, kindly ensure the fact that you have to take those batteries out and put them back in again.

Next, keep the Asus wifi router in the same room as of your home router/ modem.


For Wired Connection

  • A tip, always keeps an extra set of ethernet cables – even if you think you are not going to use them. What you have to do is connect the WAN port of the Asus router and the ethernet port of your home modem/ router.
  • After completion of the wired connection, you may power up the Asus wifi router using a power outlet. Here ensure the fact that LED indicator light stabilizes to solid on.

For Wireless Connection

  • What we have to do is locate the buttons of WPS or, say, sync on your Asus router and on your home device.
  • Once you have located them, press buttons on both devices. Here, you have to ensure the fact to keep the time gap of not more than two minutes.
  • After pressing the button, let the devices’ network sync in.

After completing the Asus router setup by means of any given process, you may proceed on the journey to Asus router login page.  

How to do Asus Router Login?

Finally, to the show stopper question of this write-up, we will be looking at the requirements of the login process. After that, we will be seeing both the ways on how to reach to the Asus setup wizard.

Requirements for Asus Router Login Process

First of all, opt for the login process that by which you have to complete the login process. Then, collect the required items and begin with the steps of login.

Web based

 Operating system (laptop/ computer system), Asus router network SSIDs are mentioned on the back label (for wireless connection), ensure proper power and network connectivity, login username is admin and leave the password field empty.

Operating system (smartphone), network SSIDs of Asus router are mentioned on the back label, proper power and network connection is required, Asus router app.

Asus Router Login Using or

Let’s begin with the conventional means of the Asus login –

  1. Use an ethernet cable for connecting the Asus router LAN port and your computer. Or you can just use the SSIDs mentioned on the back label and enter that network using your computer system’s network settings.
  2. Run the web-based URL in the browser, which is or you can just use the default IP address to reach to the login window that is
  3. This login page is asking you for the default logins, which are admin for the username and leave the password field empty.
  4. Here you have to hit the login button, and you will reach to the Asus setup wizard from the Asus router login page.
Asus Router Login Using or

Further configuration, you may do as per your choice because it is mostly customization of the network. Do start with setting the network name and password on the bandwidths.

How to set up and Login Asus Router with Asus app?

People these days opt for Asus app mostly as in comparison for the purpose of login because it is easy to access and perform. Let us see how.

  1. You need to download the Asus router app first of all from the appropriate application store as per your device’s OS.  
  2. After that connect your phone to the Asus router’s network. For this go to the wifi option and then you shall use the network SSIDs mentioned on the back label of Asus router.
  3. Now, open the Asus router app. Ensure your phone is connected to the Asus router network only.
  4. The application asks you to create an account and log in. So, if you already have an account, then, do login; otherwise, create the account.

This is how you do Asus login using the Asus router app. The further configuration will be mentioned on the screen. So, follow them and complete the further configuration.

How to reset Asus Router?

How to reset Asus Router?

There are times when one needs to reset Asus router to its default factory settings, and the reason could be any. So, before doing that take backup if you can by means of Asus router login. If not, then just reset it by the following set of instructions.

  1. Initially, ensure the proper network and power connectivity of your Asus router.
  2. If that is fine, do locate the button called reset.
  3. Once located, you have to press and hold the button for about ten seconds and it will be done.
  4. To ensure the LED behavior. It comes in the user manual.

Now you may re-configure your Asus router because it is completely on the basic or default factory settings.


How can i find my Asus router username and password?

What you need to do is, run the web URL of There is a drop-down menu, select Asus router from there and if model number appears – do select that too, if not it will come later. Before that you should click on the appearing option of Find Password.

From here note down the default password and enter the Asus router setup wizard page.

What you have to do is login to the Asus router and make yourself reach to the setup wizard page or dashboard. Then, go to Wireless and then to the option of General; from there if you can recover the password, then it is good. If not then change the credentials of the bandwidths.

Why is my ASUS router login not secure?

If it is appearing on your browser, then it is not about the security of the Asus router login. It is about the browser only. Networking devices are not supposed to fulfill the website’s SSL certificate needs. That is completely related to the website only.

What you can do is update the browser and raise firewalls on your Asus router network. Understand you can do nothing about it. Your network and device is secure. Try to visit least to such devices because they have the caliber to pollute and corrupt your network.

How do I log into my ASUS router without a password?

There is no such way to perform Asus router login process by means of no credentials. What you can do is reset your Asus wifi router to its factory default settings by means of pressing the reset button. We have mentioned the process on this page.

After that login by means of the default username and password. You can use the web login address of or you can use the default IP address of You have to configure network bandwidths again, so you may use the network of Asus router.

How to perform Asus router firmware update?

First of all, login to the Asus router setup wizard by means of the web GUI method means through the browser. Now you should lead yourself to the Administration after that to Operation and there you will find the ‘Firmware Update’. If it is available – do perform Asus router firmware update.

Ensure the fact that you are not allowed to interrupt the firmware upgrade process. Let it update and do power cycle your router afterward.

What is the Asus admin password?

The username is the word ‘admin’ and leaves the field of the password empty. Ensure to not keep the caps lock on. Everything comes in small letters.

How to fix DHCP failed error on the Asus router?

The DHCP failure means that your Asus router is having issues with the IP address and it is unable to even locate any. Mostly the case can be sorted just by means of restarting the Asus router.

If restarting is of no help. Then, what you should do is set the IP address and subnet mask address of the Asus router and of your operating device. This is just manual assignment of IP address to your network. Assign the IP and subnet mask address to your system first then to the Asus router by means of logging into the web GUI.

If you still keep on facing the issue way too frequently, just change your router. That is the only last mean to treat it.


Here at the end, in conclusion, we wish you have all the queries sorted in relation to the Asus router login and setup process. We really hope you enjoy the newly forged network.

If you feel like you need any kind of help or assistance in the login process by any method. What you have to do is leave us a text in the chat window. Our team of technical experts is here to provide the required assistance in regard to the cause.

You are in luck because we are present 24×7 for your help. Even if you have any kind of issue regarding Asus routers, no matter whether we have mentioned them here or not, just contact us. We will be helping you out.

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