Asus Router Firmware Update

The most important as well as the most vulnerable aspect of a home internet setup is a router. Security researchers have begun to find flaws in even the most advanced routers available in the market. And, users who use routers at home are the most prone to be taken advantage of the same. Often home internet users forget to update their devices which leads to a problems of data theft and more.This is partially due to the poor security practices on a user’s part, because router manufacturers often do not make it easy for the devices to get updated on their own. Only a few routers can update their firmware automatically. Just accessing the router web interface requires toying around with an arcade of IP addresses, credentials like username and passwords. 

You may also need to manually download the firmware and flip over the router to read those tiny serial numbers.To summarize, updating a router firmware is a pain in itself. But, the worst part is you still have to do it. While instructions cannot be given online, to update specific router models from specific router manufacturers, here we have compiled some information on updating the firmware of your Asus router.The below steps will help your router to get updated with the latest firmware and if not, they’ll tell you where you can go next for more assistance.

Performing Asus Router Firmware Update

The newer models of the Asus routers have an option in the web interface to update the firmware. Or, you would need to update the same with manual methods by visiting the website, clicking on the support section to find your consumer data and then searching for your router model. Search on the Asus website is particular and it does not allow errant spaces or even some missing hyphens.When you finally get to the product page, you need to click on Support and Driver and tools page to select the kind of operating system you use. You can then select the firmware by scrolling down to firmware and downloading the latest version. Once the same gets to your hard drive, you need to unzip the downloaded file to install the same. 

firmware asus router

In a web browser on the computer system connected to the router’s local network, enter into the address bar and access the router interface. If you have never specified a username and a password, they will automatically be “admin”. Now visit the configuration page and select the firmware version you need to install. Now upload the unzipped file and let the router install the update. Asus officials recommend that you reset the router after the installation is complete.This would mark the completion of the Asus router firmware update process.

Steps to Login to Your Asus Router

If you have recently acquired an Asus router, or already have had one for some time and wish to know how to login to it, here’s is the guide that would allow you to understand the process in a step-by-step manner.

Ensure Connection with LAN or Wirelessly

Once you are done powering your Asus router, you would need to ensure that it is connected to an internet-enabled device like a computer, mobile phone or a tablet. This will allow you to begin with the Asus router login process and access the Asus router update page seamlessly.

Troubleshooting Tips for Asus Router Firmware Update Wizard

Problems can come uninvited. It is important that they are fixed on time. Some of the common issues with your Asus router can arise but can be fixed by following some simple steps. Let us discuss some common problems that are the most prominent.

  • Issues with Asus Router Setup
  • Security issues with Asus router
  • LED on the router blinking in orange
  • Not able to access internet even after setup
Asus router Firmware update

Making the Update Process Easier with the Asus Router App

Handling the setup process is easier by using the Asus app. It can be done in moments by just using a mobile phone or a tablet. Handling complete features and functionalities of the router app has become easier than ever. All that you need to do is install the app on your mobile device or laptop and follow some instructions. The router will be all set to offer fast internet access. To begin with, switch on the router by plugging in the Ethernet and power cables. Launch the app and follow the instructions step-by-step to setup your brand new Asus router.

Important Information to Know Before You Start the Update Process

Important information to know before you start the update process

Sometimes, when updating the router, the device can brick due to settings being wiped out. In such cases, you may just need to reset the same, leave the router unplugged for like 15 minutes and then connect again via an Ethernet cable to set it. Other times, it can be a serious issue and you would need to use the firmware recovery utility to try to downgrade it. In both cases, it makes sense to have a backup router handy. We hope you haven’t recycled all your routers, but it’s a good idea to have one handy and make sure they work.

Online privacy and data security are huge issues that worry netizens a lot. Make sure you don’t fall prey to such incidents online. Update your firmware update regularly and stay away from these hassles.

We offer complete assistance for any issues that you might face while updating the firmware on your router.Contact us 24*7 for further assistance.