How to Setup the Asus RT AX3000 Dual Band WiFi 6 Router

How to Setup the Asus RT AX3000 Dual Band WiFi 6 Router?

Asus RT AX3000 setup and configuration have become a lot easier and it is possible with the help of the Asus Router app. The Asus Router app has been through a lot of advancements and UI/UX upgradation to offer a better experience. Going about the Asus router setup has now become easy with a few taps of your fingers. If you want to perform the Asus RT AX3000 firmware update, the app has it all set up for you. 

In simple words, you don’t need to hold some sort of skill set or knowledge in order to configure or modify your Asus router’s settings. No more learning IP or web address to get access to your wireless router. Just open the app, enter the login details, and you are all set to do whatever you want to do with your network. 

So read this post until the end to avoid missing out on important topics and instructions. So let’s start with the Asus router setup. 

Asus RT AX3000 Setup & Configuration

  1. Firstly, place your Asus wireless router adjacent to the modem.
  2. After that, use an ethernet cable to connect your router to the modem. 
  3. Attach the power cable to the router and plug it into the power socket. 
  4. Thereafter, download the Asus Router setup app on your smartphone. 
  5. Connect your device to the Asus WiFi network. 
  6. After that, open the Asus Router app and tap Setup. 
  7. Select the Asus Router Setup option and allow a few permissions to the app. 
  8. Now, set up the internet connection on your network. 
  9. For that, you will need to enter the PPPoE username and password provided to you by the service provider. 
  10. Toggle On the “separate 2.4GHz and 5GHz” option. 
  11. Configure the WiFi settings. Set up a Network Name and Network Key. 
  12. After that, set up the login username and password of your router.
  13. Finalize the settings and the Asus RT AX3000 setup will be completed.

Bonus tip – It is important that you check for the firmware updates on your router. This will ensure to keep your network is optimized and in top condition. 

Asus RT AX3000 Firmware Update

Updating the firmware of your Asus router is an imperative part of keeping your router and network healthy. Asus releases timely upgrades for your router in order to keep it safe from bugs, enhance its performance, keep it stable, and bring new features to the router. Make sure you follow the steps below very carefully:

  1. Open the Asus Router app on your device. 
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Select Firmware Update.
  4. Follow the in-app instructions to update your Asus router’s firmware. 

Your router may reboot a few times in order to make new firmware take place. Please do not turn off your router in the middle of the firmware upgrade. 


This post was all about the Asus RT AX3000 setup and configuration. We also discussed the firmware upgrade process for your Asus wireless router. In case you are unable to set up your router using the Asus Router app, you can also configure it using the web interface. Go to through a web browser and login to the device using the default credentials. 

We hope that we were able to help you set up your wireless router and update its firmware through this post. If you need any other help or you face any issues with the router, kindly reach out to our support team for further assistance.