Frequently Asked Questions

How do I configure the Wireless Security Settings for Asus Blue Cave Router?

You will have to configure the wireless security settings to prevent the unauthorized access to your home network.  All you need to access the web interface of the Asus Blue Cave router via Here are steps to setup Wireless Security Settings on Asus Blue Cave.

  • Visit the ‘Navigation’ Panel and then click ‘General’.
  • Next, select the Network under the System status.
  • Here, you can configure wifi settings of the Asus device, e.g. SSID, encryption setting & security level.
  • Type a unique name for your wireless network, under the Wireless name (SSID) field.
  • Next, choose the advanced encryption method for your wireless network.

Steps to setup Asus AC2900 via Asus Android App

  • First, download the Asus Android App from any Google play store.
  • Search for the SSID of your Asus AC2900 AiMesh router & connect to it.
  • Or look for the default SSID on the printed label located at the back of the router.
  • After you complete the Asus AC2900 login, click ‘More’ & then ‘AiMesh’.
  • The Asus router will start searching for the AiMesh node.
  • To get further steps on Asus AC2900 Setup, you can call us at our toll-free number. Or do a live chat via a live chat window.

How to Enable Parental Control on Asus AC1900?

  • Log in to the Asus web interface using http //
  • On the Asus web-based management page, click on the settings.
  • Select the ‘General’ option & then click on the Parental Control.
  • Click enable to enable the Parental Control on Asus AC1900.
  • Next, choose the client network, which you wish to limit.

How To Hard Reset the Asus Rt-ac66u router?

  • Ensure that the wireless internet connection of your computer is ‘obtain an IP address automatically’ and ‘obtain DNS server automatically’
  • Press Windows and R key, type iconfig and press ‘enter’ key.
  • Sign in to web interface of your Netis’s router.
  • Click on the Advanced’ tab. Now, check the WAN part of the page. If it shows IP then it means that the router is configured properly. If there’s no IP then you need to call your ISP.

Steps to hard Reset the Asus Rt-ac66u router:

  • In order to perform the Hard Reset on your Asus Rt-ac66u, use a paper clip or a sharp pin.
  • Now, locate the reset hole on the rear of the Asus Rt-ac66u.
  • Press the reset button with a paper clip on the Asus router.
  • Hold the button for about 30 seconds and then release the reset button. The Asus Rt-ac66u router is set back to its factory default settings.
  • Now, you need to re-configure the Asus Rt-ac66u router.

How to Soft reset an Asus Ac1900 Router?

Once you perform the Asus router login on your Asus Ac1900 via or IP address, follow given steps.

  • Open the Asus Ac1900 Router setup page & click on the “Administration” section.
  • Next, click on the reset option.
  • This will start the reset process automatically.
  • Once your Asus router Ac1900 done with the reset, set up the Asus device using the default Asus router login credentials.

Some Common Asus Router Issues that might Need Assistance

  • Asus router is not working.
  • Unable to access Asus router default web address &
  • Asus router setup problem.
  • Asus Router LED light is blinking orange.
  • Want to reset the password in Asus Ac3100.
  • There is No internet connection.
  • AC2900 Wireless router is no longer secure.