How to Install/uninstall the latest asus installation wizard

How to install/uninstall the latest Asus Installation Wizard?

Today’s growing need for the best performing router is becoming a trend among people. The Internet is the most essential daily requirement for everyone. Due to technological advancement, the good internet has become the prior desire of the modern era. With this well-featured router are also growing with the most superior technologies. Among them, Asus is well known for its best production and high-speed internet speed. Asus implements a high-quality product to use whether it’s home or office. It provides a series of routers to enhance the Wi-Fi speed. The Asus Company brings an application that allows you to install the drivers and other applications into your system. For that, you need to know the installation and setup process of Asus Router Setup Wizard You should know how you can do that to enjoy the internet without any interruption.

Most of the time you see a list of pre-installed software in your PC such as Asus Live Update, Right? It might seem hard to choose which file to install and which not to. But do not get confused by getting notification related to updating request and installing files. With the setup wizard, you will understand all about these installations and other live update programs. To install Asus Real-time Update in time it is recommended to have the installation wizard. So today we will discuss how to install it and if you already have one, how you can remove it.

Asus Setup Wizard

Steps to install the Asus Installation Wizard:

Installing it is a very easy thing to do. Follow these steps and you are all set up.

  • First, you need to check the Asus download site for the latest version.
  • Enter your PC details for the compatible version.
  • Now, download the file from the site.
  • After that, click on the window start and then click the “ASUS install”.
  • Now, on the pop-up window click on “Install” and installation will start.

Steps to uninstall the Asus Installation Wizard:

Uninstallation is as easy as the installation. You have to follow these steps and it will uninstall just with a click.

  • When you click on the window icon you will see the installation wizard icon.
  • Right-click on that and select uninstall.
  • After the uninstallation process, it will be removed from the list.

This was all about how you can easily install and uninstall the Asus setup wizard. This is a very easy and simple process that can be done within few minutes. An Asus technical support is always ready to assist you with instant solutions that you require. Get help when you stuck in any problem regarding your device.