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The web address is the default channel to access the Asus router’s login page and get done with the router setup. It lets you configure the settings and have access to seamless internet. However, sometimes due to issues with the asus router login wizard, you may face difficulties and trouble setting your router up. If you have been looking for information online about accessing the login page, this webpage is all you need to access the router device. login

Troubleshoot common issues with

Some of the most common issues you might face when accessing the asus router login page are not working, forgotten password/ password not working, and more. While you may be looking for information online, here is what you need to know: not working not working

The asus router login page may not work due to several reasons. Some of them can be:

  • You are not connected to the local router network.
  • You are using an incorrect web address
  • Your IP address has been changed
  • You do not have a working internet connection

Not connected to the local router network

If you are not connected to the local router network, you won’t be able to access the asus router login page. Accessing the same requires that you connect to the router device either wirelessly or using a wired connection. Check if the network you see you are connected to is the one you are looking to set up. If not, disconnect and connect to the correct router network.

Incorrect web address

If you are using an incorrect web address, it will likely give you some other website or simply an error. If you think you are using an incorrect web address, you can use” or simply a default IP address “” and press the “Enter” key. Copy the same and use as it is in the address bar of your web browser.

Changed IP address

The IP address is useful in accessing the gateway that directs you to the internet server. It tells the server about the identity of your computer system. You can check if the IP address that you are using is the correct one or not. Open the command prompt on your system, type “ipconfig” and press the Enter key. The window will display all the details including the IP address and MAC ID. You can use this IP address to access the asus router login page.

Internet not working

If you do not have a working internet connection, you won’t be able to access the login page. Check if some of the ethernet cables you are using aren’t connected or have developed an issue. Change the same if you think there’s an issue with the same. If taking the basic troubleshooting steps does not help, you can contact your ISP and they may help you with the same.

Forgotten password/ password not working

In order to access the login page and then proceed with configuring the settings, you will need access to the password. And, if you have forgotten the password or the password isn’t working, you’ll need to reset the same.Now, if it’s a network password, you can change it easily. But, if it’s the admin password, you’ll need to RESET your device. To change the network password, simply login through the admin panel and change the password from the Network Settings screen. Save the changes and reconnect your devices with the network to keep working.To reset the admin password, locate the RESET button at the back of the router. Press and hold the same for about 10 seconds and until the router device restarts itself. You’ll know when to release the RESET button once the LEDs on the front panel flash. Allow the router to restart itself and reconfigure the same once it does. You can now continue with the new credentials.

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